Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is a new stool I've been working on, it's a light wireframe structure with a wooden seat. The concept for this stool was to make something out of very few parts (4) legs, rings and seat. The upper ring is very useful when it comme to pick up or move the stool, this because of the small gap between the seat and the exterior ring ( O stands for orbit, the ring trace and orbit around the seat) and the lower ring is a little wider to prefectly become a nice a comfortable foot rest when in use. Materials are brushed stainless steel structure and the seat is solid beech wood or oak. I will add more images for details later on.

Салон № 9

This is one of the recent publications inside Salon Magazine from Ukraine Салон
In the issue N°9 were published the Artist' Rest Armchair. And in the Kitchen Special you can also find the Flat Salad Set and the Punch Coffee Mug.

Artist's Rest Armchair

Silver Punch Coffee Mug & Black Flat Salad Set

Friday, September 18, 2009

couple cups

This is a set of two cups in porcelain or melamine. I've called them "couple cups" because of the handles; the cups have two different grips representing male and female symbols. These cups are also stackable. I wanted to design a new simple cup, for serving coffee & tea trying to create a cup with a shape that can me easily recognized by its handle, the essence of the project. click here for more images >

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Limited Edition

Punch Coffee Mugs Second Limited Edition can be recognize by the bottom black signature. (100) and the First Limited Edition is recognized by the same signature in light blue print in the bottom of the mug. I will probably change something in every edition so people can recognize the cups the bought. This is a picture of the white version of the second limited edition mug.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

manta design - maison & objet

Fue una verdadera sorpresa encontrar mi taza en el stand de manta design en el salon maison & objet de paris, no lo esperaba, ya que en teoria la taza deberia salir a fines de septiembre, pero habia ya una de muestra en el stand de la marca que distribuye los productos de fred and friends en francia.

Y por una vez mi nombre estaba bien escrito al fondo de la taza, que importante que es eso, bueno ademas sale todo lo de rigor, el logo de "Fred", "not for use in microwave", "hand wash only" y el infaltable "made in china". Me di cuenta que las originales que hice en edicion limitada en blanco y plateado no tienen nada que envidiarle a estas, creo que como siempre hay muchas cosas que se pueden mejorar, pero claro que a que costo.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ideas are around...

this is what fernando campana told me in 2006 during a workshop at boisbuchet. This has been turning around in my mind for quite some time until last year when I decided to take more seriously my work as a designer, to believe more in my ideas in a certain way.
during the workshop under the direction fernando and humberto campana I developped several sets of cutlery from empty bottles and canisters, I believe this was a great way to approach design and to create something out of rubbish, the first model I did looked something like this (I believe this was a empty bottle of ginger ale or seven up....)

After that, I notice something was really bad in my idea, the cutlery wasn't strong enough to be actually used. but like most of design work doing this little steps pushed me into going forward with this idea. I switched the bottles for empty canisters, this was perfect, the plastic was soft enough to work with but strong enough to use as real ustencils. one plus I did not planed was that canisters came in various and bright colours, this added a playfull meaning to the project, the only thing I did not wanted was to do a project that was to straight or to serious. The following images are some versions I did in the middle of the whole process

I don't have this pair anymore, Fernando Campana bought it from me for 5€!

I don't have this one either, I think Martin Guntert from kassel bought it.

"Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed constantly."

Anyway, the project turn and became a elegant folding flat salad set, it was picked up by pandora design in milano and presented during the milan off in 2007 but never got to production, I'm still looking for a cutlery manufacturer. Here are some of the final models and images from that workshop in summer 2006, It was without a doubt a great and rich experience.

This one is also missing from my models! I hope they are aroud somewhere...

Other versions...

You can check the Flat Salad Set in my website at