Sunday, September 2, 2007

network chair - model vs. render

Network, elegant and functional. A complete scale of executions with variety of applications. The chair consists of bend Beech wood, Oak wood or Walnut plywood cutout and is a very versatile concept.

Network, a chair with a lot of options, suitable for the contract interiors. Because of its elegance, comfort and possibilities, Network has even all the options to be suitable as residential furniture! The chairs can optionally have armrest and even the option of a writing tablet is not at all excluded for education uses.

The chair comes into shape by a bend operation with 3 parallel axes of a simple plywood board and that’s all. In a grid the chairs cutout shape fits with each other perfectly and with no space between them, constituting a network in all directions.

Resuming, Network is not just a chair, it’s a system, even better than this I could say it’s a simple concept that involves main design ideas, like use of renewable and degradable materials, a simple shape with very little loss and a simplicity that could evolve into many different furniture products.

Out of this simple design process other furniture products such a low lounge chairs, tables stools and other accessories can be created and could complement the system. And in the particular case of the chair, a upholstered seat and back can be added for even better comfort.

Seating and furniture products like this one are the kind of designs that suit better our times, being in synchrony with contemporary shapes and remembrances.

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